Aware Shark Conservation


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Love sharks? Scared of sharks? Or do you just want to know more about them? Enroll in an AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty course and discover the value of sharks to marine ecosystems and economies. You’ll learn more about the causes of declining shark populations and the actions you can take to become a knowledgeable and passionate shark defender. By being informed, you can dispel misconceptions and act to protect sharks. Sharks need you! If you’re a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years old, you can enroll in the AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty course.

Sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems. They maintain a balance in populations of prey species and
keep the ocean healthy by removing ill or diseased animals. They are an important
resource supporting local economies through fishing and as an attraction to dive tourists.

But sharks are in a global decline. Overfishing has reduced many shark populations around
the world to levels that threaten their continued existence.

In this course we discuss why sharks are so important and what we can do to help protect. Hopefully, after having taken this course you will become an Advocate for Shark Conservation and you’ll swim away with practical actions you can take to give sharks a fighting chance.

In this course we touch the following topics:

Sharks in Peril and why we should care

Conservation status of sharks, why they are unique and vulnerable, and the
importance of healthy shark populations.

  • The unique physical attributes of sharks
  • The conservation status of sharks
  • The life history traits that make sharks vulnerable
  • The importance of sharks to marine ecosystems
Managing threats and recognising values

Threats to sharks and how they could be managed. Recognising the value of sharks and removing barriers to conservation.

  • The major threats contributing to declines in shark populations
  • Key management strategies that can protect sharks
  • The value of sharks to local economies
  • Common misperceptions of sharks and explain why these should not be a barrier to shark conservation
Taking action and joining the Project AWARE movement

Actions they can take to protect sharks, sharks in your location and how joining a global movement of divers can help protect sharks.

  • Personal actions you can take to protect sharks
  • Sharks in your local area or travel destination and what their conservation status is
  • Responsible environmental guidelines for diving with sharks
  • How to be part of the global movement of Project AWARE divers

Additional information

Minimum Prerequisite Certification

Open Water Diver

Course duration

1.5 Days

Minimum Age (years)



Excluding gear

Available in (language)

Dutch, English

Number of open water lessons